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At El Campo, we are proud to offer hand-made, Argentinean empanadas just like the ones we have been preparing for our very own family over the last 50 years. We use only the freshest possible ingredients and spices to ensure your empanadas are nourishing and delicious.

We are convinced we prepare the tastiest empanadas you will find in Ohio. We price our products reasonably, so everybody can experience these mouth-watering Argentinean delicacies. Next time you want to treat yourself to an exotic and yummy food that is also quick, or if you would like to wow your guests, remember to pick up some of our appetizing empanadas.

Please note that WE ARE NOT A RESTAURANT. We sell our empanadas baked at the Hills Market in Worthigton. However, you can also buy them to bake them at home by calling or texting: 614-653-8532 or by emailing us at:

El Campo

Authentic Argentinean Empanadas

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